Our Inquiry Research Presentations


Yesterday the students of 3/4M did an incredible job presenting their Inquiry Research Projects to their 1/2 buddies! It was wonderful and I felt like the proudest teacher of all the learning and teaching by my fabulous 3/4 students! Below are some photos!


Animal Information for Fact Files


We Met George Ivanoff!!!


3/4M’s Mother’s Day Tea


On Thursday, May 10th our class had a fabulous Mother’s Day Tea. We served tasty snacks and beverages and gave and gave our guests manicures. We also made our guests candle holders that read ‘You’re the light of my life’ and wordsearches that had adjectives describing our special guests. Have a look at our photos!  It was a lovely day! Thanks to all the guests who came! 🙂

3/4M’s Awesome Assembly


Last week our class presented our learning since we started school this year. We sang and danced to a song Umbrella by Rihanna and Jay-Z that shows SEL and we talked about our first week of swimming, our goals for our Bright Future and demonstrated Where we are in Australia for our Geography Inquiry Topic. Well Done 3/4 Murphy! So proud of you all for your terrific assembly! 🙂 Stay tuned for a video of our assembly performance!


Kids Explain a Rotary Dial Phone


Listen to Our String Poems


Today our class had the pleasure of learning from the fabulous teacher Ms Moloney. She gave us a procedure which taught us how to write ‘String Poems’. Have a look and listen to our fantastic poems! Thanks to the wonderful Ms Moloney for teaching us!! Stay tuned for more to be posted soon!

Australian Story


For our Inquiry topic of ‘What makes you Australian?’ students learnt about the reasons why people immigrate to Australia. Students went home and interviewed one of their family members to find out their story. We learnt so much from our teachers, parents and grandparents journey to Australia. Amy was especially inspired by her mother’s story and asked if we could act out the interviews. We decided to dress up as one of our parents and show our learning of immigration through the interviews. We pretended to be doing an episode of ABC’s wonderful program ‘Australian Story’. In between the segments there are adverts. Think about the advert: what is advert trying to convince you to do? Who is the advert aimed for (gender, age group)? Thanks to our parents and grandparents who gave us their time and shared their stories with us! Enjoy our video!

Noi parliamo italiano


For Italian Day we ended our day by writing little skits to practise our greetings in Italian. Here are a few of our skits! Enjoy!

By Theresa and Tam

By Jessica and Sophia

By Jason and Kaylan

By Veronica and Chelsea

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