Procedures of Making a Paper Airplane


Cooking a 3 Course Meal


On Monday, June 26th 3/4M did some our first FUN and fantastic cooking lesson. We made some delicious garlic bread for an appetiser, yummy napolitana penne pasta for our main course and a sweet Oreo cheesecake for our dessert. We worked in teams to follow the recipe and create our piece of yummy food to share. Then we worked together to clean up the mess! Check out our pictures of our eventful day 🙂

We loved cooking and we can’t wait to do it again!


Coding to Robotics= WHO KNEW?!!!



How to Draw a Sea Turtle


Art by Jennifer

Art by Yvonne

Father’s Day Tea


On Thursday, September 1st our class invited our dads, grandfathers, uncles and teachers to come to our class for a special Father’s Day Tea. We made them 2 different appetizers, a main course and dessert to serve them for the special occasion. We also sewed them beautiful bow ties for them to wear for the joyous event and keepsake cookbook with recipes of all our yummy food that we made a special recipe of how to make the perfect dad like our own. Thank you to all the fantastic dads, uncles, grandpas and teachers who came to celebrate with us. And big thanks to Miss Murphy’s mum visiting from Canada and Mrs Angie for their help in the kitchen. 🙂

Procedural Text- How to Draw a Soccer Ball


MASTERCHEF – 3/4M & 3/4F


This week we got to combine many of the topics we have been learning about into one giant cooking lesson. We are learning about Procedures in Writing, Measuring Capacity and Mass in Maths, and changing solid matter to liquid matter by adding heat. We got to work with teams to read a recipe of chocolately treat, measure the ingredients accurately to create the best dessert for our judges. It took two days to complete our chocolate bars and chocolate covered balls. It was A LOT of messy and tasty FUN! The judges were thoroughly impressed with the scrumptious, sweet treats. Stay tuned for photos to be posted! AND… Watch out MASTERCHEF…Here we come!

What type of text is this?


We learnt about the French artist Claude Monet and his famous Waterscape paintings last Friday and many of us tried to create a frog to put on our Monet inspired 3D piece of artwork.

What is this TEXT TYPE? What would make this text type better for the readers/viewers? What is the author’s purpose of this text?

Procedure FUN Day


To celebrate our last day of Term 3 and all of our learning about the procedure text type we decided to have a Procedure Fun Day.

Activity # 1: We followed procedures to make balloon animals and other balloon creations. IMG_1495[1]

Activity # 2: We followed a procedure to make juggling balls. IMG_1516[1]





Activity # 3: We created our own procedure of how to create Healthy Rainbow Fruit Skewers.

Some of the activities were challenging and others were messy EXTREMELY MESSY but ALL activities were EXTREMELY AMUSING!! Some photos below of all our PROCEDURE MAKING FUN!

What activity did you like the best? Which activity was the most challenging? What did you learn about procedures during Term 3?

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