Immigration Day


Australia’s journey’s artwork

Australian Story


For our Inquiry topic of ‘What makes you Australian?’ students learnt about the reasons why people immigrate to Australia. Students went home and interviewed one of their family members to find out their story. We learnt so much from our teachers, parents and grandparents journey to Australia. Amy was especially inspired by her mother’s story and asked if we could act out the interviews. We decided to dress up as one of our parents and show our learning of immigration through the interviews. We pretended to be doing an episode of ABC’s wonderful program ‘Australian Story’. In between the segments there are adverts. Think about the advert: what is advert trying to convince you to do? Who is the advert aimed for (gender, age group)? Thanks to our parents and grandparents who gave us their time and shared their stories with us! Enjoy our video!

3/4M’s Immigration Story


Immigration Day


Australia Advert


What is the author’s purpose of this advert? Do you think it is a good advert? Why or why not

Immigration Museum Excursion



Last Thursday the 3/4s went to the Immigration museum to learn more about our topic ‘What does it mean to be Australian?’ We got to participate in some dress up role plays of two different families that immigrated to Australia for different reasons. We also watched a mini videos about the reasons why people immigrated to Australia and we got to listen to interviews of people who immigrated to Australia and decide if they could immigrate to Australia if they met the criteria.

What did you learn on the excursion? What was your favourite part of the excursion?


What’s In Your Suitcase?




During our immigration unit our class heard many stories about people and their suitcases, at the immigration museum we got to unpack many different suitcases and see what different people from different countries and with different cultures value enough to bring with them when moving to a new country. We even got to see Cuc Lam’s suitcase and hear about her amazing immigration story about how she came to Australia and what she brought with her. When we interviewed our family members we also learnt many things about our culture and our family’s journey to Australia and even what they brought in their suit cases. Below is some of our best work to demonstrate what we learnt! 🙂

What would you bring with you in your suitcase if you were moving to another country?

What items are the most valuable to you? Why?

Immigrate to Australia!!


Last term we were learning about what makes us Australian. We explored how Australia has become such a multicultural place. We learnt that the biggest contributing factor of Australia’s multiculturalism is immigration. After learning about all of the different reasons why people immigrate, our whole class decided that Australia is the BEST COUNTRY in the world.

Since our class had also been learning about persuasive writing we decided to use what we had learnt about immigration and write. Our author’s purpose was to persuade people to immigrate to Australia. In our writing we demonstrated at least three different reasons why people would want to immigrate to Australia. We also viewed many new and old advertisements that persuaded people to come to Australia. Next, we illustrated our own little advert picture to be combined with our written work and to help persuade our readers. We voted on the best work in the class to display on our blog and below are the finalists!! Please have a read of our persuasive pieces! 🙂

What did you think about our persuasive pieces…..Did we persuade you?

Immigration Story



This term during our Integrated Studies topic we have been learning about Immigration. How and why people from all over the world have choose to move to Australia. We have heard interesting immigration stories from teachers, and interviewed family members so that we can learn more about immigration: what were the reasons for immigrating, what were the challenges when moving to a new country, what were the hopes for their future, who did they immigrate with, where did they immigrate from and much more. Have you immigrated to a new country? Where have you or your family immigrated from? Do you have an immigration story that you would like to share with us? Or is there an immigration story that you have heard recently that helped you learn more about our topic? We are looking forward to learning more about immigration and reading your responses! 🙂


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