Last Days of School


WE GREW CARROTS!! And We got to share our learning from our Literature Unit using Cospaces and VR. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas 3/4M!


Ripple Effect of Kindness


3/4M’s Awesome Assembly


Last week our class presented our learning since we started school this year. We sang and danced to a song Umbrella by Rihanna and Jay-Z that shows SEL and we talked about our first week of swimming, our goals for our Bright Future and demonstrated Where we are in Australia for our Geography Inquiry Topic. Well Done 3/4 Murphy! So proud of you all for your terrific assembly! 🙂 Stay tuned for a video of our assembly performance!




In our class we are learning about SEL (social and emotional learning). We talked about people we think possess SEL qualities like Dora the Explorer, Angelina Jolie and Ellen. We said they were confident, risk-takers, set goals, don’t give up, friendly, kind, caring, responsible and positive. We also sang a song that has to do with SEL. Below is the song. How is the song related to SEL?

Visiting the Nursing Home



These past two weeks we have gone on two excursions to a Nursing Home. There we got to play board games with the elderly, showed some magic tricks and sang some songs and carols  and played our recorder. We made our new friends puzzles and Christmas cards. We had such a fantastic time meeting our new friends and have made some special memories! Above are some photos of our first visit. More photos to come!


Everything is AWESOME in 3/4M


Welcome back to school 3/4M of 2016. I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and summer holiday. We have an exciting and busy term ahead of us. This year I hope we are able to ‘Lego‘ our Fears and set some great goals that we can achieve and build on for this year. What goals do you have? What are your hopes for the year?
Miss Lego MM

Using the avatar picture of Me (Miss M&M) up above and the clues in the class and in the sentences above… can you guess what our class theme is for this year? Or what do you think is an important KEY word? Have a go and guess. 🙂

3/4 M’s Web of Friendship



During our circle time our class was discussing the characteristics to describe a friend. We then threw a ball of yarn and told one friend in the class what we really like and appreciated about them. This created our wonderful web of friendship. It was really nice to hear such beautiful comments being shared about the students in our class.


At the end of our circle time we spoke about the history of friendship bracelets and we were each given a friendship bracelet. Next week, we hope to make our own friendship bracelets so that we can give our friends.

What characteristics do you think are important in order to be a good friend?

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