Shrove TUESDAY- Mardis Gras


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with our 1/2 buddies. We listened to the funny story ‘If  You Give a Pig a Pancake’. We read the recipe for Pancakes and learnt the author’s purpose is to inform and we also learnt some new vocabulary like sifting, whisk and spatula. Next, we got to make the pancakes using the recipe. After that we got to taste the yummy pancakes with our choice of yummy toppings. What a great day shared with our buddy class!!




On Tuesday, April 24th our class learnt about ANZAC by listening to the story My Mother’s Eyes by Mark Wilson and making ANZAC biscuits. We had to cut and paste the recipe to put the ingredients and sequence the steps! We really enjoyed our delicious cookies.


Cooking a 3 Course Meal


On Monday, June 26th 3/4M did some our first FUN and fantastic cooking lesson. We made some delicious garlic bread for an appetiser, yummy napolitana penne pasta for our main course and a sweet Oreo cheesecake for our dessert. We worked in teams to follow the recipe and create our piece of yummy food to share. Then we worked together to clean up the mess! Check out our pictures of our eventful day 🙂

We loved cooking and we can’t wait to do it again!


MASTERCHEF – 3/4M & 3/4F


This week we got to combine many of the topics we have been learning about into one giant cooking lesson. We are learning about Procedures in Writing, Measuring Capacity and Mass in Maths, and changing solid matter to liquid matter by adding heat. We got to work with teams to read a recipe of chocolately treat, measure the ingredients accurately to create the best dessert for our judges. It took two days to complete our chocolate bars and chocolate covered balls. It was A LOT of messy and tasty FUN! The judges were thoroughly impressed with the scrumptious, sweet treats. Stay tuned for photos to be posted! AND… Watch out MASTERCHEF…Here we come!

Thanksgiving in Australia


A few weeks ago it was Thanksgiving in Canada and since Miss Murphy, our teacher is from Canada we got to learn a little bit about the Canadian holiday, wrote thank you letters to our buddies and old teachers and we even made the traditional Thanksgiving dessert PUMPKIN PIE!! 🙂

What ingredients do you remember from our Pumpkin Pie recipe? What Maths did we use while baking? What type of text is a recipe? Has anyone tried making their pumpkin pies at home yet? Did any parents get to try any? If so, what did they think?

Food Revolution Day with 5/6WM & 5/6MA


Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day on PhotoPeach

Food Revolution Day with Jamie Oliver


On Friday, May the 16th,  our 3/4M class and our buddies 5/6WM and 5/6MA got to participate in Jamie Oliver’s cooking challenge. We watched him on our interactive whiteboard as he made his recipe. He taught us to make this recipe of a rainbow salad wrap from scratch.

We first washed our hands and paired up with our buddies and friends. Then the teacher sent some 3/4 kids to the staff room to grate some beetroot to avoid beetroot mess. Next, we got to grate the carrot,  pear and cabbage. Then we added some dressing that we made ourselves from mixing oil, vinegar, plain yogurt and English mustard. After that we got out our wraps and placed some of the salad mixture and we wrapped it all up. Finally, we all ate our delicious rainbow salad wraps. We had a lot of fun and hope to do this kind of activity again next year! 🙂

DSC02172 DSC02215

Stay tuned for more photos of all of our cooking fun!!


Recount written by,

Jenny Jen Jen, Sophie Soaps and Aimes 3/4M  🙂

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