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Hot Air Balloons


What have you learnt about the invention of the hot air balloon? What do you think it would be like to ride in a hot air balloon?  

Thanksgiving in Australia


A few weeks ago it was Thanksgiving in Canada and since Miss Murphy, our teacher is from Canada we got to learn a little bit about the Canadian holiday, wrote thank you letters to our buddies and old teachers and we even made the traditional Thanksgiving dessert PUMPKIN PIE!! šŸ™‚ What ingredients do you remember […]

Leonardo Da Vinci


What interesting fact/s did you learn about Leonardo Da Vinci? What is he famous for or why is he special?

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Random Act of Kindness


Beggar Turned Millionaire Returns To Repay 21-Year-Old Random Act Of Kindness How does this news article relate to the video below with the young boy caught stealing? How are the texts similar? How are they different?

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Salvador Dali Inspired ART


Last term, our class was learning about ‘Time‘ in Maths and ‘Healthy Habits‘ such as sport and exercise in Inquiry. We did some artwork that was inspired by artist Salvador Dali after looking at his incredible Surrealist art such as the Persistence of Time and Football Player.             Below is […]

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Inferences and Conclusions Practice – True Move Commercial


While watching the video pay attention to how the characters are feeling. Can you infer what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way? Did you answer any of the questions during the video? If so, what?

Making Inferences


Making inferencesĀ is using what you know or see to come up with another idea. Example: Letā€™s go swimming to cool off! What season is it? a. Summer b. Winter (It does not tell you in the sentence but you can infer that it is summer because you know summer is hot and the season you […]

Wing It


This little video contains clues about our NEW Inquiry topic for Term 4.Ā Can you guess our NEW Inquiry Topic? Grand Prize winner Animation by The Animation School What questions came to your mind while watching this video? What did you think the ‘main idea’ was? Who are the main characters and what characteristics would you […]

Procedure FUN Day


To celebrate our last day of Term 3 and all of our learning about the procedure text type we decided to have a Procedure Fun Day. Activity # 1: We followed procedures to make balloon animals and other balloon creations.Ā  Activity # 2: We followed a procedure to make juggling balls.Ā          […]

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