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You Are What You Eat


  What would your body be filled with if ‘you are what you eat‘ like the picture suggests? Do you think you eat healthy or do you think you need to modify (change) your eating habits so that you eat more nutritious foods? What foods do you think you need to eat more or less […]

Book Week Fun


From Monday, August 18th until Friday, August 22nd our school celebrated CBCA- Children’s Book Council of Australia BOOK WEEK. The theme was Connect to Reading and Reading to Connect. We waited with anticipation to see what books would be chosen winners from the short listed books. Throughout the week we had fun activities each day that […]

3/4M & 3/4F Poetry Cafe


3/4M & 3/4F Poetry Cafe on PhotoPeach

Our Poet-Tree


We are getting excited for our Poetry Cafe on Monday, August 25th at 11:40am, where we will be sharing one or two of our favourite poems that we have written this term. We will be sharing our family and friends in 3/4F! Looking forward to hearing all your wonderful poems 3/4M & 3/4F ! Hopefully […]

Inquiry Word Search Week 6


What words can you find in the word search that have to do with the healthy habit of nutrition?  What are the ‘always‘ kinds of foods and what are the ‘sometimes‘ types of foods?

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Figurative Language


At the end of the video there is a mini quiz! They give you examples of figurative language and you have to decide what type of figurative language they use. Challenge…can you answer the questions that are asked at the end of the video clip?



What did you learn about Limericks? Can you try to write one for our blog? What is easy or difficult about this type of poetry?  

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Fun with Coach Approach


On Thursday, July 24th we had a group called Coach Approach that came to visit our school and teach us some fun sports. It was such a fun experience! We got to do Ultimate Frisbee and catch like a crocodile, we learnt our basics to becoming fabulous jugglers. In TaeKwonDo we learnt how to fist […]

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