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Preparing for our Advent Liturgy at our Buddy School


We are going on our excursion to our buddy school on Monday and have been invited to participate in their Advent Liturgy. Here a song we will be singing for the liturgy. It it called I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons. Have a listen to it and practise the lyrics. Why would we sing […]

Remembrance Day Poem


 We have been learning about different types of poetry in our writing classes.   Here is a very special poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who was a Canadian poet, physician, author, artist and soldier during World War I. He was born in Guelph, Ontario and died in France in 1918. What do you think about when […]

Our Totems


By Andy By Thomas By Martin By Vincent N By Veronica By Sophia By Theresa By Vincent L By Sujan By David By Isaac By Alex By Chelsea By Tony By Ashara and Jasmine By Jason By Mandy

First Reconciliation, Second Sacrament


Congratulations to everyone who made their first reconciliation this evening!! What a wonderful evening and special celebration! And a special thanks to all the family and friends who came to support them!

A Good Learner is…


The class was asked to finish the sentence ‘A Good Learner is…’ We did this activity at the beginning of the year but now we feel our ideas have changed about ‘A Good Learner is’? Do you agree with any of these comments? Do you disagree with any of these comments about a good learner? […]

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AnswerGarden Learning Reflection


What have you learnt this week about our Inquiry Topic ‘Who Lived Here First Topic?’ Write your answer below and press submit to see it appear What have you learnt this week about ‘Who Lived Here First’?… at

How Well do you think you know Australia?


Click on the picture below to see if you can put the map of Australia back together again 88 Map of Australia How did you go with the map? Could you put all 88 pieces back together? Did you see any states, cities or landmarks that you have learnt about in our Integrated Studies topic […]

Jesus’ 40 Day and 40 Night Journey


What are you giving up for Lent this year? What did you notice in this video about Jesus? What 3 things do we practise during Lent? What did you learn at the Ash Wednesday Mass today? 

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Areas of Control Reflection


Click on the photo to read the ideas in the double circles. What are things in life that you can control? Things you can’t control? What could you add to this double circle map? Are there any things that you can think that you partially have control? 

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