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Our Inquiry Research Presentations


Yesterday the students of 3/4M did an incredible job presenting their Inquiry Research Projects to their 1/2 buddies! It was wonderful and I felt like the proudest teacher of all the learning and teaching by my fabulous 3/4 students! Below are some photos!  

Australian Flag- What’s Your Opinion




On Tuesday, April 24th our class learnt about ANZAC by listening to the story My Mother’s Eyes by Mark Wilson and making ANZAC biscuits. We had to cut and paste the recipe to put the ingredients and sequence the steps! We really enjoyed our delicious cookies.  

How to Sketch a Possum


We read in the story “The Day We Lost Forever” how Aboriginals used to hunt for possums by setting fire to a  tree to scare them out and then they would eat the meat and use the fat and blood to make paint and use the fur  to create clothes like jackets. Therefore (WALT) we […]

Spirit Filled People


Watch one of the videos above and answer the questions below: A Spirit-filled person is one who manifests the qualities of peace, patience, faithfulness, gentleness, joy, self-control, love and kindness towards others. Spirit-filled people often devote themselves to service of neighbour. 1./ What qualities did the saint have that made them a spirit filled person? […]

Top 10 Inventions


What did you learn about inventions? Where you surprised by the top ten list? Do you think they forgot anything off of the top ten invention list? 

Famous Inventors


Leonardo Da Vinci Louis Pasteur Galileo Galliei Thomas Edison Wright Brothers Which Inventor was most important to our history? Which inventor and invention do you think you could not live without? What time of learner do you think inventors are? What would you like to learn more about?

Australian Story


For our Inquiry topic of ‘What makes you Australian?’ students learnt about the reasons why people immigrate to Australia. Students went home and interviewed one of their family members to find out their story. We learnt so much from our teachers, parents and grandparents journey to Australia. Amy was especially inspired by her mother’s story […]

Immigration Day


Immigration Day – Kizoa Video Editor – Movie Maker

Remembrance Day Poem


 We have been learning about different types of poetry in our writing classes.   Here is a very special poem written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae who was a Canadian poet, physician, author, artist and soldier during World War I. He was born in Guelph, Ontario and died in France in 1918. What do you think about when […]

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