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Advice for Dealing with a Bully


Ripple Effect of Kindness


Resilience is…


This video demonstrates resilience. We have briefly discussed resilience in class. After watching the video, what do you think it  is? Think about the song you hear when you watch this video about Scarlett. What type of character is she? 

STEM- Booty in the Ship


This week we had our first STEM challenge. We worked in groups of 3 and 4 to create a buoyant ship that would be able to hold the most pirate booty (treasure/loot). Today was trial #1. We will aim to improve our ship to float better. Next week we will have trial #2 and #3. […]

Growth Mindset


How does the main character show Growth Mindset? How many tries does it take her before she is successful? What do you think the author of this video is trying to teach others? Is there a message?

Growth Mindset


This week we have been discussing ‘Growth Mindset’! We talked about the important word ‘yet’ when working out our strengths and weaknesses and setting our goals for our future and the year.  We also GREW our brain when working with a group to create the longest strip of paper. We talked about what strategies worked […]

Stand in My Shoes – Developing Our Empathy


Today for our circle time WALT (We Are Learning To develop our empathy). First, our teacher showed us some funny and fancy shoes and asked us how we would feel wearing someone else’s shoes. We listened to the story ‘Stand in My Shoes’ by  Bob Sornson that taught us about empathy and showed us many […]

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Circle Time – Yoga and Meditation Session


After reading a picture fiction entitled Courage To Fly (about a little girl who was scared to try new things, take risks and be out of her comfort zone) we discussed the times we felt afraid to take risks in our own life then we had a mini yoga session and meditation! We felt very […]

Wellbeing Week


Wellbeing Week with 3/4M on PhotoPeach

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3/4 M’s Web of Friendship


During our circle time our class was discussing the characteristics to describe a friend. We then threw a ball of yarn and told one friend in the class what we really like and appreciated about them. This created our wonderful web of friendship. It was really nice to hear such beautiful comments being shared about the […]

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