Library Excursion


Today 3/4M and 3/4NB walked to our local library to get a tour and borrow some books. We were greeted by the lovely Librarian Cathy who told us about ALL the programs they have on, ALL the great things you can do and borrow at the library and she gave us tour. She also taught us a cool song by the old, famous group the Beatles and she read us a funny story. It was about a little princess who always wanted to win and she tried really hard and won a trophy for her fabulous effort! Cathy was really nice to us and extremely helpful!  We got to borrow lots of books! We are excited to go back! Stay tuned for more photos!



Regrouping RULES!!!!


We Are Learning To: Subtract with Regrouping  

Check out the poem MNEMONIC we say to help us with our regrouping

Change the Australian Flag??


In our class we have been discussing the Australian flag and we have decided that it is time to change the Australian flag since it does not acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who are the original owners of this country. Click on the video above to listen or read about the Behind the News article.

What do you think about the Australian flag?  Do you think the flag represents all the people of Australia? Should the flag be changed? Please share your opinion with us! Stay tuned for photos of our new Australian flag designs!

Stand in My Shoes – Developing Our Empathy


Today for our circle time WALT (We Are Learning To develop our empathy). First, our teacher showed us some funny and fancy shoes and asked us how we would feel wearing someone else’s shoes. We listened to the story ‘Stand in My Shoes’ by  Bob Sornson that taught us about empathy and showed us many ways to show empathy. We then discussed different situations and identified the feelings people might feel (using emoticons/emojis) and then we came up with solutions of what we could do to show empathy. Lastly, we got to try on some of the shoes and wear them during recess and class time. Today was even more special because during our circle time we had Mrs Russell and some special visitors from St John Vianney’s in Parkdale stop by. Thanks to Mrs Russell, Natasha, Kerry, Fleur and Shane for coming to share our circle time with us!

What did you learn about EMPATHY?  How did it feel when you tried on or wore someone else’s shoes? How can you show empathy at home? At school? To someone you don’t know?

Feelings in Emoticons

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How to Sketch a Seagull


Friday is our AWESOME day of ART! Today we warmed up with sketching a bird because we are learning about Indigenous totems. In Canada (our teacher Miss Murphy’s country) the First Nation’s People have totem poles stacked of many different types of animals and normally a bird is at the top. After our warm up sketch we made our own totems of Australian animals. Stay tuned for pictures of our totems.

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Sorry Day


This term our Inquiry topic is “Who Lived Here First?” and this week we have been learning more about the Stolen Generation. We listened to Archie Roach, watched a few interviews of Indigenous people of Australia telling their stories or their family’s story and then we watched a clip from the movie “The Rabbit Proof Fence” and wrote an imaginative recount of what happened. Check out our writing pieces below the videos.

What  did you learn about Sorry Day or the Stolen Generation? What does this make you wonder? How does this make you feel?

Smashing Mathletics


Coding to Robotics= WHO KNEW?!!!



How to Sketch a Possum


We read in the story “The Day We Lost Forever” how Aboriginals used to hunt for possums by setting fire to a  tree to scare them out and then they would eat the meat and use the fat and blood to make paint and use the fur  to create clothes like jackets. Therefore (WALT) we are learning to draw a possum as our art warm up. 🙂

Check out some of our artwork below.

Circle Time – Yoga and Meditation Session


After reading a picture fiction entitled Courage To Fly (about a little girl who was scared to try new things, take risks and be out of her comfort zone) we discussed the times we felt afraid to take risks in our own life then we had a mini yoga session and meditation! We felt very relaxed and peaceful afterwards! 🙏


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