Congratulations 3/4s


Congratulations 3/4s! Yesterday was extra special because the students in our class received their First Eucharist! Now they will go out into the world to be the Face of Jesus! Thank you to the students who came to sing so beautifully in the choir at Mass and thank you to the family, friends and peers in our class who came to Mass to support those receiving the First Eucharist! It was a wonderful occasion!

School Fete


FUN!FUN!FUN!FUN! Today our school had our first School Fete! There was so many fun activities including: jumping castles, scooter racing, crazy dance competition, lucky dips, raffles, quizzes, and our class ran 5 stalls including: pin the moustache on Justin Bieber,  Knock-A-Can, Water bottle flipping, Manicures, and a Photobooth!! What was your favourite part of the school Fete? If we have another Fete, any ideas of stalls or games you could run?!

Year 4s’ Taster Day at Nazereth


Last Friday our school’s year 4 got to go to Nazareth for a taster day of what it might be like to go there for high school. We got to participate in the funnest activities like dancing, cooking, woodwork, science experiments, sewing and tye dye and much more. Plus we got to hear the band and even got a show bag to take up with a fidget spinner. It’s safe to say,….we LOVE Nazareth and it’s an AMAZING school! Here are a few photos below. Stay tuned for heaps more.


St Francis Feast Day at our School


Then we learnt how to sketch a wolf as we learnt about the story of when St Francis tamed a wild wolf. We used the Art Hub for Kids to help us learn how to sketch a wolf.

Check out some of our sketches below.

Miss Murphy Hand Delivered Our Letters to the Prime Minister


In light of our Inquiry topic ‘Who Lived Here First?’ our class wrote letters to Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull outlining reasons as to why we should change the Australian flag mainly because the flag does not represent all Australians especially the Indigenous Australians. This morning our teacher got to hand deliver our letters! It was a pleasure to meet you Prime Minister Turnbull and we thank you for your time for reading our letters and we await your reply!

3/4M’s Super Father’s Day Tea


3/4M’s Super Father’s Day Tea on PhotoPeach

La Giornata Italiana


Just over a week ago our school had a FUN Italian Day! Check out our pictures of the fun activities below! Made by Thien and MissM&M!


Coding to Robotics= WHO KNEW?!!!



Mother’s Day Tea


Yesterday, to celebrate Mother’s Day we invited all of our mums, grandmums, aunties and teachers to spoil them with manicures, massages, serve them food and beverages and flower them with gifts. We made them magazines with sketched portraits of our special guests and we wrote a persuasive texts explaining why they are the best in the world outlining 3 reasons why they are so fabulous, we wrote also wrote them poems, jokes and created word searches with adjectives that describe them and last but not least we painted and had sewn them pillows. It was a blast and we were so happy that so many of our special people in our lives came to our Mother’s Day Tea. Thank you to all those who made some time in your busy day to come to our event because it meant a lot to us. We love you all!!



On Friday our whole school spent the day at the beach. It was a blast and we got to participate in a lot of fun activities such as cricket, sand castle building, vortex and parachutes and much more. What was your favourite activity?  Thanks to Aaron’s dad and Anthony’s mum for coming along on our special day and helping out! Check our slide show for more photos of our fun filled day.


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