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WE GREW CARROTS!! And We got to share our learning from our Literature Unit using Cospaces and VR. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas 3/4M!


Our Inquiry Research Presentations


Yesterday the students of 3/4M did an incredible job presenting their Inquiry Research Projects to their 1/2 buddies! It was wonderful and I felt like the proudest teacher of all the learning and teaching by my fabulous 3/4 students! Below are some photos!


Australian Story


For our Inquiry topic of ‘What makes you Australian?’ students learnt about the reasons why people immigrate to Australia. Students went home and interviewed one of their family members to find out their story. We learnt so much from our teachers, parents and grandparents journey to Australia. Amy was especially inspired by her mother’s story and asked if we could act out the interviews. We decided to dress up as one of our parents and show our learning of immigration through the interviews. We pretended to be doing an episode of ABC’s wonderful program ‘Australian Story’. In between the segments there are adverts. Think about the advert: what is advert trying to convince you to do? Who is the advert aimed for (gender, age group)? Thanks to our parents and grandparents who gave us their time and shared their stories with us! Enjoy our video!

Our Totems


By Andy
By Thomas
By Martin
By Vincent N
By Veronica
By Sophia
By Theresa
By Vincent L
By Sujan
By David
By Isaac
By Alex
By Chelsea
By Tony
By Ashara and Jasmine
By Jason
By Mandy

Guinness Book of World Record Task



Stay tuned for more photos of our task and presentations to come.

AnswerGarden Learning Reflection


What have you learnt this week about our Inquiry Topic ‘Who Lived Here First Topic?’

Write your answer below and press submit to see it appear

What have you learnt this week about ‘Who Lived Here First’?… at

Healthy Habits and Healthy ME


health heart-poster

This term our Inquiry topic is Healthy Habits, Healthy Me! We started off our unit with a fun WOW Activity with Voki where we were health professionals for a day. In a group, we listened to the symptoms of many different patients and then we got to prescribe a healthy habit plan for them. This was great fun! Below is our Voki presentation if you too want to try being a health professional for a day!

How did you do? Could you give all of the patients a healthy habit plan?

What do you wonder about or want to learn about in our new unit ‘Healthy Habits, Healthy ME’? What does ‘health’ mean to you? What is a ‘habit’? Is it important to be healthy? Why? What happens if you aren’t healthy?

Survival Project


At the end of our ‘Survival on Earth’ unit in Term 2, we chose questions that we wanted to research further. We came up with some amazing questions and we demonstrated what we learnt in many ways such as creating dioramas, graphs, models, posters, PowerPoints and more. Below are some photos of our incredible work. We had a lot of fun research our own topics and we learnt a lot! Stay tuned for more photos soon!


Jewel’s research question: Which animal lives the longest?


Kenny’s Research Question: Do any cactus’ help human survive?IMG_1002[1]

Dat’s Research Question: How do the MegaMouth Shark’s Survive


Tina’s Research Question: How does the sun keep humans alive?


Levi’s Research Question: How do Sharks survive?

IMG_1005[1] IMG_1006[1]

Kev’s Research Question: How do Spiders survive?


Andy’s Research Question: What animals survived the extinction of dinosaurs?


Jenny’s Research Question: How do turtles survive?






This term, in Integrated Studies our topic is ‘Survival on Earth’. We started our unit with a WOW activity. First we watched an awesome episode of Man vs Wild. Next, we read a news article that told us that Bear Grylls had been FIRED and we could apply for his job. In order to apply for the job the ‘producers’ asked that we work with a team in order to identify items from different habitats and sort them into the correct habitats such as: the arctic, desert, rainforest and ocean habitats. We worked very quickly to sort everything and match it to its correct habitat. Many of us made the mistake of matching the penguin with the arctic habitat but we learnt a few interesting things during this activity like, penguins are only found in the antarctic, NOT the arctic. We also learnt that there isn’t always snow in the arctic. Something we also learnt after we completed our activity was that Bear Grylls was not actually fired and we weren’t able to apply for his job. ‘Oh well’ we thought, we really enjoyed this WOW activity anyways!!

What questions do you have, that you would like to learn about our topic ‘How to Survive on Earth?’

Written by Danny HO HO, Sophie Soaps and Miss M&M

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