Mother’s Day Tea


3/4M’s Mother’s Day Tea


On Thursday, May 10th our class had a fabulous Mother’s Day Tea. We served tasty snacks and beverages and gave and gave our guests manicures. We also made our guests candle holders that read ‘You’re the light of my life’ and wordsearches that had adjectives describing our special guests. Have a look at our photos!  It was a lovely day! Thanks to all the guests who came! 🙂

Mother’s Day Tea


Yesterday, to celebrate Mother’s Day we invited all of our mums, grandmums, aunties and teachers to spoil them with manicures, massages, serve them food and beverages and flower them with gifts. We made them magazines with sketched portraits of our special guests and we wrote a persuasive texts explaining why they are the best in the world outlining 3 reasons why they are so fabulous, we wrote also wrote them poems, jokes and created word searches with adjectives that describe them and last but not least we painted and had sewn them pillows. It was a blast and we were so happy that so many of our special people in our lives came to our Mother’s Day Tea. Thank you to all those who made some time in your busy day to come to our event because it meant a lot to us. We love you all!!

Mother’s Day Tea


Big THANKS to all the Mums, Aunties, Grandmas and Teachers who took the time to come spend the afternoon with us! It meant the world to us!! Love ya 2 pieces!

Mother’s Day Tea


Happy Mother’s Day!!


On Friday, May 9th our 3/4 class celebrated Mother’s Day by inviting our very special mums, aunties, grandmas and teachers into our class for a Mother’s Day Tea. We catered many different types of snacks such as cookies, tarts, muffins and beverages. We listened to relaxing, classical music as we gave these special ladies wonderful manicures.


Next, they opened their Mother’s Day gifts which were 2 tea cups that we especially painted for them.


Special thanks to all the mums, aunties, grandmas and teachers that came to our Mother’s Day Tea. We had 27 special ladies that came and we loved having you all in our class, spoiling you and being able to show you all how much we care!  🙂

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