Library Excursion


Today 3/4M and 3/4NB walked to our local library to get a tour and borrow some books. We were greeted by the lovely Librarian Cathy who told us about ALL the programs they have on, ALL the great things you can do and borrow at the library and she gave us tour. She also taught us a cool song by the old, famous group the Beatles and she read us a funny story. It was about a little princess who always wanted to win and she tried really hard and won a trophy for her fabulous effort! Cathy was really nice to us and extremely helpful!  We got to borrow lots of books! We are excited to go back! Stay tuned for more photos!



Change the Australian Flag??


In our class we have been discussing the Australian flag and we have decided that it is time to change the Australian flag since it does not acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who are the original owners of this country. Click on the video above to listen or read about the Behind the News article.

What do you think about the Australian flag?  Do you think the flag represents all the people of Australia? Should the flag be changed? Please share your opinion with us! Stay tuned for photos of our new Australian flag designs!

Mother’s Day Tea


Yesterday, to celebrate Mother’s Day we invited all of our mums, grandmums, aunties and teachers to spoil them with manicures, massages, serve them food and beverages and flower them with gifts. We made them magazines with sketched portraits of our special guests and we wrote a persuasive texts explaining why they are the best in the world outlining 3 reasons why they are so fabulous, we wrote also wrote them poems, jokes and created word searches with adjectives that describe them and last but not least we painted and had sewn them pillows. It was a blast and we were so happy that so many of our special people in our lives came to our Mother’s Day Tea. Thank you to all those who made some time in your busy day to come to our event because it meant a lot to us. We love you all!!

OREOs in Class??


How to Use Quotation Marks for Dialogue in Narratives


Paragraphs- What are they AND When to Start a New One??


Where in the World Are We?


We are learning about geography in our class for Inquiry. What did you learn after watching these videos 3/4s? What do these videos make you wonder about?

Spirit Filled People


Watch one of the videos above and answer the questions below:

A Spirit-filled person is one who manifests the qualities of peace, patience, faithfulness, gentleness, joy, self-control, love and kindness towards others. Spirit-filled people often devote themselves to service of neighbour.

1./ What qualities did the saint have that made them a spirit filled person? eg. They were peaceful

2./ What evidence in the video of their life story proves that they they were like this?

Fact vs Opinion Reading Comprehension Strategy


Kids Explain a Rotary Dial Phone


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