Science Incursion- What’s the Matter?


Today we had an AWESOME Incursion with Ben the scientist fromfizzicsHe taught us many things and we got to see heaps of science experiments. What did you learn during the exciting incursion. Answer the survey below about which science experiment was your favourite?
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After our FUN FILLED incursion we brainstormed a few words for our new topic. Below is what we could come up with. We are really looking forward to our new Inquiry topic ‘What’s the Matter?’ What do you want to learn about? Can you think of any other words to add to our Matter Vocabulary List?

What’s Matter Video # 1

What’s Matter Video # 2 (Particles or Atoms)

What questions do you have about matter? Particles? Changing states? Or about the either of the videos above?

Fun with Coach Approach



On Thursday, July 24th we had a group called Coach Approach that came to visit our school and teach us some fun sports. It was such a fun experience! We got to do Ultimate Frisbee and catch like a crocodile, we learnt our basics to becoming fabulous jugglers. In TaeKwonDo we learnt how to fist punch, and a high kick. We also learnt to scream like a ninja to intimidate our opponent and if we didn’t scream loud our coach made us to FIVE push ups. In Hip Hop dance, we warm up our bodies by doing a funny chicken dance. Next, we learnt all dances have 8 counts, and we got to learn some cool moves to the song Rap City. We had a great time dancing but our favourite activity was Ultimate Frisbee. It was the ULTIMATE  FRISBEETASTIC sport! At the end of all of our activities, the coaches tested our skills and we got to win some prizes. Our very own Fragrance won a drink bottle for her juggling skills! 34 coach approach 013 34 coach approach 014 34 coach approach 022 34 coach approach 025 34 coach approach 024

We hope we get to have Coach Approach back again next Term! What a fun day we had!


Soapie soph, Ry and Crazy F

from 3/4M

Laughter is the Best Medicine


Last week we had a visit from Camp Quality and they put on an entertaining little puppet show that taught our class about cancer and it’s medicine chemotherapy. Cancer is a scary illness that effects many people we know. Camp Quality have many programs for families, hospitals and much more that do their best to help those people effected with cancer. Camp Quality motto is laughter is the best medicine!! What are your thoughts about that motto? What do you think is important when someone is sick? What is something you have learnt recently about cancer or its treatments?

For more information about Cancer, Camp Quality or their programs please click on the link below.

World of Maths


Today we had an AWESOME incursion where we got to spend an hour learning about where in the world we use Maths and how Maths is a part of our every day lives. We enjoyed playing fun and challenging maths games that included building, measuring, puzzles and comparing. We had so much fun that we didn’t want to leave.  In conclusion, MATHS IS FUN!!!! 🙂  What are your favourite maths games?

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