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Our Inquiry Research Presentations


Yesterday the students of 3/4M did an incredible job presenting their Inquiry Research Projects to their 1/2 buddies! It was wonderful and I felt like the proudest teacher of all the learning and teaching by my fabulous 3/4 students! Below are some photos!


Incursion with Cranbourne #1


May 31st

Wow with Uncle Russell


Meeting Uncle Russell and the Start of our Day of Learning about Indigenous Culture. This was our Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony at the start of our SUPER DAY!

Cleansing ourselves with the smoke from the gum leaves as Uncle Russell taught us by waving our hands in the smoke towards our body.

Uncle Russell painted our faces and for some of us, our hair too!

Playing the didgeridoo

Showing us some traditional tools used by Aboriginals

Clapping sticks and we got to do a dance with these instruments

Getting our faces painted

Helping us to make an Indigenous inspired piece of art with our hands

Learning to throw a boomerang with Uncle Russell. We couldn’t believe our eyes how high he could throw it and how it returned back to him. WOWZERS!

Uncle Russell painting his Totem (the black snake ) on our artwork!

What did you learn from the day with Uncle Russell? What wonderings do you have about Indigenous Culture?



On Tuesday, April 24th our class learnt about ANZAC by listening to the story My Mother’s Eyes by Mark Wilson and making ANZAC biscuits. We had to cut and paste the recipe to put the ingredients and sequence the steps! We really enjoyed our delicious cookies.


Sorry Day


This term our Inquiry topic is “Who Lived Here First?” and this week we have been learning more about the Stolen Generation. We listened to Archie Roach, watched a few interviews of Indigenous people of Australia telling their stories or their family’s story and then we watched a clip from the movie “The Rabbit Proof Fence” and wrote an imaginative recount of what happened. Check out our writing pieces below the videos.

What  did you learn about Sorry Day or the Stolen Generation? What does this make you wonder? How does this make you feel?

How to Sketch a Possum


We read in the story “The Day We Lost Forever” how Aboriginals used to hunt for possums by setting fire to a  tree to scare them out and then they would eat the meat and use the fat and blood to make paint and use the fur  to create clothes like jackets. Therefore (WALT) we are learning to draw a possum as our art warm up. 🙂

Check out some of our artwork below.

ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget


To honour past and present Australian soldiers we have been reading some stories about WWI and WWII and we have been learning about some important symbols such as poppies and medals. We also did some art activities and wrote cards to give to war veterans on ANZAC Day. Below is some of our artwork.  

Lest we forget!

Top 10 Inventions


What did you learn about inventions? Where you surprised by the top ten list? Do you think they forgot anything off of the top ten invention list? 

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