Inquiry Word List Week 3


Can you find any of these new inquiry  words?

Healthy Habits and Healthy ME


health heart-poster

This term our Inquiry topic is Healthy Habits, Healthy Me! We started off our unit with a fun WOW Activity with Voki where we were health professionals for a day. In a group, we listened to the symptoms of many different patients and then we got to prescribe a healthy habit plan for them. This was great fun! Below is our Voki presentation if you too want to try being a health professional for a day!

How did you do? Could you give all of the patients a healthy habit plan?

What do you wonder about or want to learn about in our new unit ‘Healthy Habits, Healthy ME’? What does ‘health’ mean to you? What is a ‘habit’? Is it important to be healthy? Why? What happens if you aren’t healthy?

World Cup is Finally HERE….





What do you know about the place the World Cup is being held? Which team will you be cheering for this year? Who is your favourite soccer player? What do you know about World Cup? What is your favourite thing about the World Cup? 🙂

3/4 M’s Web of Friendship



During our circle time our class was discussing the characteristics to describe a friend. We then threw a ball of yarn and told one friend in the class what we really like and appreciated about them. This created our wonderful web of friendship. It was really nice to hear such beautiful comments being shared about the students in our class.


At the end of our circle time we spoke about the history of friendship bracelets and we were each given a friendship bracelet. Next week, we hope to make our own friendship bracelets so that we can give our friends.

What characteristics do you think are important in order to be a good friend?

Laughter is the Best Medicine


Last week we had a visit from Camp Quality and they put on an entertaining little puppet show that taught our class about cancer and it’s medicine chemotherapy. Cancer is a scary illness that effects many people we know. Camp Quality have many programs for families, hospitals and much more that do their best to help those people effected with cancer. Camp Quality motto is laughter is the best medicine!! What are your thoughts about that motto? What do you think is important when someone is sick? What is something you have learnt recently about cancer or its treatments?

For more information about Cancer, Camp Quality or their programs please click on the link below.

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