ANZAC is an acronym. What does ANZAC stand for? What other words do you think of when you think of the ANZACS?

How Well do you think you know Australia?


Click on the picture below to see if you can put the map of Australia back together again
preview88 piece
Map of Australia

How did you go with the map? Could you put all 88 pieces back together? Did you see any states, cities or landmarks that you have learnt about in our Integrated Studies topic this term?

Great Barrier Reef Amazing Adjectives


We have been learning about how adjectives describe a noun (a person, place or thing). We also were learning about the Great Barrier Reef in class. After watching the videos above of the incredible Great Barrier Reef; List some adjectives that come to your mind to describe the Great Barrier Reef or the sea or the fish and coral. How many adjectives can you list? Can you list more than 10? More than 20? 

Australia Word Search


In Integrated Studies we have been learning more about Australia and we did a little bit of research about a state or territory and then presented it to the class. What are some things that you have learnt about an Australian State or Territory? What states, territories or capital cities can you find in the word search above?

WOW- Where In the World Are We -Amazing Race


On Tuesday, February 3rd, our class got to participate in an AMAZING RACE as an introduction to our Inquiry topic this term. We used the iPads to reveal the QR Codes with clues that led us to the next location and clue. We worked with our partner to answer the geography questions and solve the riddles to lead us to find the next clue!  We realised during our AMAZING RACE that we had to work well with our partner by talking and listening to them. We had a BLAST and we are looking forward to our FUN geography topic! Special thanks to Mr Hoang, Mrs Foley and Mr Ryan for your work and effort into making the great WOW activity for us 3/4s! Here are some photos of our EXCITING activity!!


What Australian State or Territory Am I?


World Cup is Finally HERE….





What do you know about the place the World Cup is being held? Which team will you be cheering for this year? Who is your favourite soccer player? What do you know about World Cup? What is your favourite thing about the World Cup? 🙂

What’s In Your Suitcase?




During our immigration unit our class heard many stories about people and their suitcases, at the immigration museum we got to unpack many different suitcases and see what different people from different countries and with different cultures value enough to bring with them when moving to a new country. We even got to see Cuc Lam’s suitcase and hear about her amazing immigration story about how she came to Australia and what she brought with her. When we interviewed our family members we also learnt many things about our culture and our family’s journey to Australia and even what they brought in their suit cases. Below is some of our best work to demonstrate what we learnt! 🙂

What would you bring with you in your suitcase if you were moving to another country?

What items are the most valuable to you? Why?

Immigrate to Australia!!


Last term we were learning about what makes us Australian. We explored how Australia has become such a multicultural place. We learnt that the biggest contributing factor of Australia’s multiculturalism is immigration. After learning about all of the different reasons why people immigrate, our whole class decided that Australia is the BEST COUNTRY in the world.

Since our class had also been learning about persuasive writing we decided to use what we had learnt about immigration and write. Our author’s purpose was to persuade people to immigrate to Australia. In our writing we demonstrated at least three different reasons why people would want to immigrate to Australia. We also viewed many new and old advertisements that persuaded people to come to Australia. Next, we illustrated our own little advert picture to be combined with our written work and to help persuade our readers. We voted on the best work in the class to display on our blog and below are the finalists!! Please have a read of our persuasive pieces! 🙂

What did you think about our persuasive pieces…..Did we persuade you?

Immigration Story



This term during our Integrated Studies topic we have been learning about Immigration. How and why people from all over the world have choose to move to Australia. We have heard interesting immigration stories from teachers, and interviewed family members so that we can learn more about immigration: what were the reasons for immigrating, what were the challenges when moving to a new country, what were the hopes for their future, who did they immigrate with, where did they immigrate from and much more. Have you immigrated to a new country? Where have you or your family immigrated from? Do you have an immigration story that you would like to share with us? Or is there an immigration story that you have heard recently that helped you learn more about our topic? We are looking forward to learning more about immigration and reading your responses! 🙂


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