Year 4s’ Taster Day at Nazereth


Last Friday our school’s year 4 got to go to Nazareth for a taster day of what it might be like to go there for high school. We got to participate in the funnest activities like dancing, cooking, woodwork, science experiments, sewing and tye dye and much more. Plus we got to hear the band and even got a show bag to take up with a fidget spinner. It’s safe to say,….we LOVE Nazareth and it’s an AMAZING school! Here are a few photos below. Stay tuned for heaps more.


Science Excursion to a REAL Science Lab


Our Excellent Excursion


On Monday, our class got to go to the botanical gardens to kick start our new inquiry unit about ‘Who Lived Here First?’ We learnt a lot and got to participate in fun activities such as trekking animals, making paint with stones, tea tasting and shelter building out of sticks. What was your favourite activity 3s and 4s?

3/4 M First Week of Swimming



What has been your favourite activity at swimming? What do you want to learn how to do or improve on?

Taskworks FUN!!


Stay tuned for more photos!

What was your favourite activity?

Werribee Zoo Excursion


Werribee Zoo Excursion


Here are some fantastic photos from our trip to the Werribee Zoo!

A special thanks from Mr Hall for making his first excursion such a wonderful and enjoyable experience!


Mr Hall

Immigration Museum Excursion



Last Thursday the 3/4s went to the Immigration museum to learn more about our topic ‘What does it mean to be Australian?’ We got to participate in some dress up role plays of two different families that immigrated to Australia for different reasons. We also watched a mini videos about the reasons why people immigrated to Australia and we got to listen to interviews of people who immigrated to Australia and decide if they could immigrate to Australia if they met the criteria.

What did you learn on the excursion? What was your favourite part of the excursion?


Swimming Fun – LET’S GET WET!!


For the past 2 weeks we have been going to the swimming pool to take swimming lessons! Here are some pictures of all the swimming skills we have been learning and practising and all the FUN we’ve been having!! ¬†Big thanks to all our wonderful swimming instructors and to Mrs David for capturing our fun and new skills on film! ūüôā

Swimming Tricks


3/4s have been learning how to swim: backstroke, side stroke, butterfly and diving as well. We are getting really good too! Above is a video of some excellent¬†synchronized swimmers. What do you think about the swimming show? What do you think ‘SYNCHRONIZED’ means? What do you think would be most difficult or challenging if you were a synchronized swimmer?

Excursion to Our Wonderful Buddy School


Last Monday, November 23rd our class went on an excursion to visit our buddy school in Ashburton. We got play some fun activities, play at the park and participate in a whole school Advent Liturgy celebration. What a blast!image

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