Being the Face of Jesus in our Community over Christmas


Meeting the Author Michael Pankridge


We Met the Mayor


Cooking a 3 Course Meal


On Monday, June 26th 3/4M did some our first FUN and fantastic cooking lesson. We made some delicious garlic bread for an appetiser, yummy napolitana penne pasta for our main course and a sweet Oreo cheesecake for our dessert. We worked in teams to follow the recipe and create our piece of yummy food to share. Then we worked together to clean up the mess! Check out our pictures of our eventful day 🙂

We loved cooking and we can’t wait to do it again!


Mother’s Day Tea


Yesterday, to celebrate Mother’s Day we invited all of our mums, grandmums, aunties and teachers to spoil them with manicures, massages, serve them food and beverages and flower them with gifts. We made them magazines with sketched portraits of our special guests and we wrote a persuasive texts explaining why they are the best in the world outlining 3 reasons why they are so fabulous, we wrote also wrote them poems, jokes and created word searches with adjectives that describe them and last but not least we painted and had sewn them pillows. It was a blast and we were so happy that so many of our special people in our lives came to our Mother’s Day Tea. Thank you to all those who made some time in your busy day to come to our event because it meant a lot to us. We love you all!!



On Friday our whole school spent the day at the beach. It was a blast and we got to participate in a lot of fun activities such as cricket, sand castle building, vortex and parachutes and much more. What was your favourite activity?  Thanks to Aaron’s dad and Anthony’s mum for coming along on our special day and helping out! Check our slide show for more photos of our fun filled day.


3/4M’s Awesome Assembly


Last week our class presented our learning since we started school this year. We sang and danced to a song Umbrella by Rihanna and Jay-Z that shows SEL and we talked about our first week of swimming, our goals for our Bright Future and demonstrated Where we are in Australia for our Geography Inquiry Topic. Well Done 3/4 Murphy! So proud of you all for your terrific assembly! 🙂 Stay tuned for a video of our assembly performance!


Visiting the Nursing Home



These past two weeks we have gone on two excursions to a Nursing Home. There we got to play board games with the elderly, showed some magic tricks and sang some songs and carols  and played our recorder. We made our new friends puzzles and Christmas cards. We had such a fantastic time meeting our new friends and have made some special memories! Above are some photos of our first visit. More photos to come!


Pyjama Day and Pizza Day Fun



On Tuesday our class had a Pizza Party to celebrate achieving our reading to read 1000 books by December! And we’ve already read more than 1100 and it’s only the beginning of Term 2! the pizza was delicious… We ate 10 boxes of the yummy pizza!! Super star reading 3/4M! I’m so proud of you!

We also have been learning about writing awesome persuasive pieces and we decided to write our principal a persuasive letter to allow our class have a pyjama day!! It was an epic day!!

Thanks to our special helpers Ms Dawn and Mr Hall for helping to make our day even better! 😊


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