Stand in My Shoes – Developing Our Empathy


Today for our circle time WALT (We Are Learning To develop our empathy). First, our teacher showed us some funny and fancy shoes and asked us how we would feel wearing someone else’s shoes. We listened to the story ‘Stand in My Shoes’ by  Bob Sornson that taught us about empathy and showed us many ways to show empathy. We then discussed different situations and identified the feelings people might feel (using emoticons/emojis) and then we came up with solutions of what we could do to show empathy. Lastly, we got to try on some of the shoes and wear them during recess and class time. Today was even more special because during our circle time we had Mrs Russell and some special visitors from St John Vianney’s in Parkdale stop by. Thanks to Mrs Russell, Natasha, Kerry, Fleur and Shane for coming to share our circle time with us!

What did you learn about EMPATHY?  How did it feel when you tried on or wore someone else’s shoes? How can you show empathy at home? At school? To someone you don’t know?

Feelings in Emoticons

Circle Time – Yoga and Meditation Session


After reading a picture fiction entitled Courage To Fly (about a little girl who was scared to try new things, take risks and be out of her comfort zone) we discussed the times we felt afraid to take risks in our own life then we had a mini yoga session and meditation! We felt very relaxed and peaceful afterwards! 🙏




In our class we are learning about SEL (social and emotional learning). We talked about people we think possess SEL qualities like Dora the Explorer, Angelina Jolie and Ellen. We said they were confident, risk-takers, set goals, don’t give up, friendly, kind, caring, responsible and positive. We also sang a song that has to do with SEL. Below is the song. How is the song related to SEL?

Wellbeing Week


Wellbeing Week with 3/4M on PhotoPeach

Areas of Control Reflection


Click on the photo to read the ideas in the double circles.

What are things in life that you can control? Things you can’t control? What could you add to this double circle map? Are there any things that you can think that you partially have control? 

double circle

3/4 M’s Web of Friendship



During our circle time our class was discussing the characteristics to describe a friend. We then threw a ball of yarn and told one friend in the class what we really like and appreciated about them. This created our wonderful web of friendship. It was really nice to hear such beautiful comments being shared about the students in our class.


At the end of our circle time we spoke about the history of friendship bracelets and we were each given a friendship bracelet. Next week, we hope to make our own friendship bracelets so that we can give our friends.

What characteristics do you think are important in order to be a good friend?

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