St Francis Feast Day at our School


Then we learnt how to sketch a wolf as we learnt about the story of when St Francis tamed a wild wolf. We used the Art Hub for Kids to help us learn how to sketch a wolf.

Check out some of our sketches below.

La Giornata Italiana


Just over a week ago our school had a FUN Italian Day! Check out our pictures of the fun activities below! Made by Thien and MissM&M!


Friday Funday With ART


We have started learning about states of matter in Inquiry. Today in ART we did sketching of 2 different states of matter: liquid (waves) and gas (bubble).

Above is our sketching inspiration for part of today’s lesson. Check our own work below.

Procedures of Making a Paper Airplane


Change the Australian Flag??


In our class we have been discussing the Australian flag and we have decided that it is time to change the Australian flag since it does not acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who are the original owners of this country. Click on the video above to listen or read about the Behind the News article.

What do you think about the Australian flag?  Do you think the flag represents all the people of Australia? Should the flag be changed? Please share your opinion with us! Stay tuned for photos of our new Australian flag designs!

How to Sketch a Seagull


Friday is our AWESOME day of ART! Today we warmed up with sketching a bird because we are learning about Indigenous totems. In Canada (our teacher Miss Murphy’s country) the First Nation’s People have totem poles stacked of many different types of animals and normally a bird is at the top. After our warm up sketch we made our own totems of Australian animals. Stay tuned for pictures of our totems.

How to Sketch a Possum


We read in the story “The Day We Lost Forever” how Aboriginals used to hunt for possums by setting fire to a  tree to scare them out and then they would eat the meat and use the fat and blood to make paint and use the fur  to create clothes like jackets. Therefore (WALT) we are learning to draw a possum as our art warm up. 🙂

Check out some of our artwork below.

Mother’s Day Tea


Yesterday, to celebrate Mother’s Day we invited all of our mums, grandmums, aunties and teachers to spoil them with manicures, massages, serve them food and beverages and flower them with gifts. We made them magazines with sketched portraits of our special guests and we wrote a persuasive texts explaining why they are the best in the world outlining 3 reasons why they are so fabulous, we wrote also wrote them poems, jokes and created word searches with adjectives that describe them and last but not least we painted and had sewn them pillows. It was a blast and we were so happy that so many of our special people in our lives came to our Mother’s Day Tea. Thank you to all those who made some time in your busy day to come to our event because it meant a lot to us. We love you all!!

Drawing Female Faces


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ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget


To honour past and present Australian soldiers we have been reading some stories about WWI and WWII and we have been learning about some important symbols such as poppies and medals. We also did some art activities and wrote cards to give to war veterans on ANZAC Day. Below is some of our artwork.  

Lest we forget!

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