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For our Inquiry topic of ‘What makes you Australian?’ students learnt about the reasons why people immigrate to Australia. Students went home and interviewed one of their family members to find out their story. We learnt so much from our teachers, parents and grandparents journey to Australia. Amy was especially inspired by her mother’s story and asked if we could act out the interviews. We decided to dress up as one of our parents and show our learning of immigration through the interviews. We pretended to be doing an episode of ABC’s wonderful program ‘Australian Story’. In between the segments there are adverts. Think about the advert: what is advert trying to convince you to do? Who is the advert aimed for (gender, age group)? Thanks to our parents and grandparents who gave us their time and shared their stories with us! Enjoy our video!

Australia Advert


What is the author’s purpose of this advert? Do you think it is a good advert? Why or why not

Inferences and Conclusions Practice – True Move Commercial


While watching the video pay attention to how the characters are feeling. Can you infer what they are feeling and why they are feeling that way? Did you answer any of the questions during the video? If so, what?

Persuasive Adverts


In our class we have been looking at adverts as another example of persuasive text. A book that we have been reading in our literacy rotations, ‘This Ad’s for You’ by Andrew Einspruch, we learnt that it is estimated that most people see over 3,000 adverts each day, such as on billboards, in magazines or the recognizable words or symbols that companies use to help sell their products. Here are some more adverts that you might see on tv.


What are these adverts trying to persuade you to do? How are they trying to persuade you? Did they use any persuasive techniques?

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